Full of Silence

The air is full of silence, yearning to hear a gentle breeze.

Can you see this soul full of fears and dreams, simply needing that burden to ease?

The sky is full of silence; winged creatures anxiously await dawn’s glare.

Can you hear this mind racing; lusting for an opportunity to share?

The earth is full of silence, life bustling beneath in quiet urgency.

Can you feel this heart thunderously beat, chaos availing what you cannot see?

This voice is full of silence, caught in a web of unspoken pain.

Can you understand the need; how loud the empty shrieks can reign?


This is an original work please do not copy,
or use without permissions. Thank you.


                Express Yourself

9 thoughts on “Full of Silence

  1. “Wow! Written with a heavy heart, I presume, asking questions of some specific individual. You’re obviously not sure they’re tuned in so, you put all that mind borne confusion on a plate and, spell it out directly. Wicked poem – again – with that theme-like repetitive nuance, echoing a silent, but constant personality you are hell-bent on reaching out to; maybe even writing these poems to. Again, questions directed to self, to be answered by yourself. Love this one more, the rhyming hurts – almost a feeling.”

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    • You seem to get it, and within a healthy range of perception I prefer and would hope for. I believe poetry has more purpose (at least for me) when you can learn from what other people read, beyond what you may intend.

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        • I think it’s good and necessary for any written work that is made public, to allow for a range of perception. It just means that if we are not writing with black and white thinking, we should not expect a black/white perception of our writing. 🙂

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