The One

Who was the one born pure
The one who cured
Who was the one to endure

Who was the one that cared
The one that shared
Who was the one to be fair

Who was the one to die
The one who cried
Who was The One to be tried




14 thoughts on “The One

  1. “Yeah! Who exactly? Don’t you find, asking questions in your poetry – particularly repetitive rhyming instances – direct questions that require personal answers, from yourself? That’s why I very rarely pose questions in my writes, because beady psychoanalytic eyes get to delve into your inner workings – tee hee hee – and start reading Freud-like analogies. Would I do such a thing? – I secretly chortle to myself. Nicely put together and seems to exude a family angle – death erects a brick wall, so suddenly, it could easily refer to an aborted relationship, either way. I’m intrigued.” H.York

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      • “Inviting scrutiny is a brave course to take; opening up to things you might not want to hear? Freud said it, not me. It surfaced in the examination of Dora – she then refused to communicate verbally, trying to hide embarassment – he thought.. wow! It’s deep, eh?”

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