5 Simple Ways to Be Happy


Create a Healthy Environment:
imagesSurround yourself with people who are positive and/or who love and care for you.

Rid your life of toxic people; people who make you feel bad about yourself, or who make you feel sad often, people who stress you out, people who take but do not give back, etc.

Do what you Love:
,j.jpgFind one thing (at least) that you love doing and are passionate about, and start doing it again regularly; baking, reading, a sport, fishing, playing cards, journaling, dancing, etc.

You don’t have to be good at it, just love doing it and do it often.


Try to find the Humor in things:
977660_10151562647694504_679891605_oLaugh at your mistakes, be silly, watch good old fashioned comedy (try watching I Love Lucy,) and don’t take yourself too seriously.

Do Β whatever you can to get yourself to smile and hopefully even laugh now and then, so you don’t forget what it feels like.


Talk it Out:
Kakao_Talk_Cafe_002Find someone you can talk to, who is a good listener; a Therapist, a Mentor, a trusted love one, etc.

Meet with them regularly to talk, whether it is professionally or a weekly coffee date.


Impact Someone else’s Life for the Better:

Pay-It-Forward-NewVolunteer at a shelter, teach Sunday school, become a big brother/sister (or something similar, e.g. fostering) to a child or a mentor (officially or unofficially,) rescue an animal, pay it forward, etc.

You’ll be surprised at how much it impacts and helps you as well.

It doesn’t have to be huge, just find something you can do to make a difference.

Hopefully these things will momentarily make you happier,
and over time help you to become a more joy-filled person.

What are some tips and tricks you use to stay positive and joy filled?

81 thoughts on “5 Simple Ways to Be Happy

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  3. thanks for visiting my blog and sharing these tips. my favourite one is: “do what you love. you don’t have to be good at it, just love doing it and do it often.”

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  4. Hello, Abbie Lu, thank you for visiting my blog and therefore, introducing me to yours. Lovely background and wonderful content. You are sharing here what takes too many a lifetime to slow down and do, and I am grateful to see it here in print.

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    • Exactly, me may not be able to change every circumstance or feel instantly different/positive about things that get us down, but there’s always a little something we can do to retain hope.


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  8. These are GREAT steps toward regaining one’s life and sanity! And I would add some sort of contemplative practice of being still and listening to the voice of one’s own heart, the still small voice, for those times when it’s difficult to do these five. For the practice of being still is something I have found to be essential to breaking through the barriers to taking such wonderful and positive steps. πŸ™‚

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  10. Lately, I’ve lost sight of my happiness. I always try to be positive, but life has brought a lot of challenges in just a few short months. This post was a reminder to keep moving forward. I definitely need to do the last one; it always feels good to give back to other people. Thanks for sharing!

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  11. Love these tips, thank you for sharing some positivity around πŸ™‚

    I would also add one:

    Learn from the past, but don’t dwell on it
    We all make mistakes. It’s important to realise when you’ve done something wrong, but forgive yourself for it and move on.

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  12. Sometimes the simplest things are the best. Occam’s razor.
    I have saved this because I will be very open to you and anyone else who reads this; when one struggles and fights with depression for over 25 years one learns to find the simplest things in life can bring great joy and smiles to oneself and if that means making others happy then so be it because if I can bring a smile to someone’s day then in little ways it helps me begin to learn again.

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