Give me a break..

For those who choose it, being a parent is a blessing, and most Moms are willing to make sacrifices to be a good one (though it’s normal to try and fail.) However, not getting regular breaks, makes a person less successful, not more successful. So, I would ask the question “Why is it that if a Mom does want/need to work and/or wants/needs to spend time alone reconnecting with herself or her friends, she (more often than not) has to stress and jump through hoops (that usually make it not worth it, if not impossible) but it’s automatically assumed that a father is intitled to these things, and carried out without thought, stress, or hoops..?

2 thoughts on “Give me a break..

  1. There are none more equal than the unequal fighting for equality. Women are equal to men from the point of creation yet for many we are unequal because we are women and deemed to be less equal by a misogynistic society. Some women will accept the brand of inequality because they have low self-esteem, and desire a warped type of emotional bondage. For others we are strong in our God given essence, and will be loved because we are strong women. A woman who can afford to stay at home to take care of the home is equal to the man who goes out to work for income for the family… The only difference is he receives a financial remuneration for helping a corporate institution and she gives her services for free for the institution of the family. Who pays the higher price of equality is sometimes easy to see, if seen fairly!

    ***you got me with this one 😢

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