The Honor Challenge

You Are Special print (charcoal)
What if we reached out and honored people regularly.

Treating people with Importance, Respect, and Kindness should not be reserved for “Special” days…

What if every day we treated people like it was their birthday.
Called them up, sent a nice message, acknowledged them, took them to coffee or lunch, gave a smile and/or a compliment…

How would it be if our words and actions reflected that we cared about whether or not they felt important and valued!

Challenge: Pick a person, and for an entire week really treat them special, as if it was genuinely their birthday. Do this full-heartedly, but don’t mention the challenge to them or others. The Honor Challenge
Note: This is not necessarily about material gifts but a frame of mind, words, and actions (outreach.)

It’s important to think of how this will affect people make sure your words and actions are appropriate for the relationship you have with them.  You also could discuss the week with the person afterwards tell them everything was genuine but sparked by this challenge, and then get their feedback, and maybe encourage them to try it with someone.

4447Also as an alternate to this challenge you could choose a different person for each day of the week.

I wonder how relationships and/or self-esteem will be affected…

The idea is to change our state of mind. To impact how we think about and interact with the people in our lives, and to have more connected relationships.

Please spread this challenge and Share your experiences
here with us! The Honor Challenge


43 thoughts on “The Honor Challenge

    • I’m glad so many people feel the same. 🙂 I hope you will write about your experience if you try it. I’m really interested to see what everyone has to say. Thank you for your positive feedback!


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  3. This is an excellent idea–and I especially appreciate your mentioning of the need to be acknowledged.

    The more impersonal our society becomes, the more others need our acknowledgement. To be acknowledged might be the most basic of all human social needs. To acknowledge someone is simply to look at him or her, to nod, to simply say “hello”, or to simply reply to his or her comment about the weather, or about how he or she is feeling. Everywhere I go, I meet people who need to be acknowledged–and I try to meet that need, as best I can. And I when I acknowledge someone, I am rewarded, in turn, with acknowledgement–and sometimes appreciation. And to be appreciated is another basic human social need.

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  4. I’ve been raised to never look down on people. I’ve spent a great deal of my life trying to life up people, especially my students. However, in the past few years I feel beat down. I have never reaped the benefits of my good and positive work. I need lifting up, but everyone is so busy draining me, i guess they forgot that I need the same things they do.

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  5. This has been awesome fun. I chose my best friend, who I have the pleasure of working with so I see her every day. She’s starting to get a little freaked out and keeps asking me if I know something she doesn’t, like that she’s going to get fired and is that why I’m being so nice 😉

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  6. Reblogged this on R. Sativus and commented:
    I love this idea. I think it’d be nice to do for a person for a day every once in a while, consistently, instead of taking a challenge for a week and then never thinking of it again.

    I’ve seen something similar on Facebook, “message me your address and I’ll send you a present sometime this year.” I haven’t heard of many people following through on that one.

    I do try to do nice things for others, but I’ve never focused on one person for a whole day, let alone a week, when it isn’t their birthday.


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